Discover how I can pay you £1500 to £9500 per week commission AND help you develop a skill that others will pay you £2000 to £5000 per month, every month...

In My Twenty Years And Five Months Selling Online This Is My Biggest Opportunity To Date For A Small Handful Of Ambitious Individuals Who Want To Create A Highly Profitable Online Lifestyle Business

In this letter I’m going to explain to you, and show you, exactly how you can recommend FREE online training to other people and then have me pay you as much as £1500 to £9500+ per week for doing so!

Imagine recommending valuable FREE training that helps others AND then getting paid handsomely to do so?

Then how you can take and use the skill and expertise you’ll have when we work together; and offer to help other online business owners who will happily pay you £2000 to £5000 per month, every month for your services (but only if you want to do this opportunity)

PLUS – How you can pay for the training out of the profits we make together

If you’re interested in applying to work with me, and being part of my brand new Inner Circle Team, where I personally train you to use my step by step system to make money online AND help you develop a valuable skill that others will pay you for; then your potential earnings could be £1500 to £9500+ per week paid from me; AND £2000 to £5000 per month paid by other people direct to you.

I’m looking for a small number of ambitious people (it doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a sale online, a novice or experienced) who will listen to me, follow my coaching and take action with my help.

If this is you AND you will take the time to read this letter all the way through then I will show you exactly:

​What this business is and exactly how it works leaving nothing out so you know exactly what it is and whether it’s for you or not.

​​The training I will give you, the support you will receive and the ongoing personal mentoring by me as we work together.

​​How you could make £1500 to £9500 per week by recommending FREE, high quality online training programs.

​​A TRUE and conservative forecast on the annual amounts you could be making and by when.

​​How you can pay me out of the profits we make together.

​​The reason why I have developed this program and who I want to work with.

​​The reason why I will be meeting my Inner Circle Team members IN PERSON one on one. No big workshop or large group events. Just you and I (you can bring a business partner or guest with you to the meetings)

I’m going to tell you everything in this letter so you can make an informed decision as to whether this is for you or not.

Let Me Warn You​
It’s Not For Everybody

However unlike some (not as transparent) people in this business who hide details about their programs I’ll tell you everything including the positives and negatives, who it’s for and who it’s not ideal for.

​Hello again!

​I’m not too sure if making £1500 to £9,500 per week, every week, is inspiring to you or if it’s a little daunting?

Maybe the thought of making £250k, £500k or even one million a year is too far out of reach... or a great motivator for you?

​I still remember my first sale online way back in May 1998. It was for an oil painting (a friend was the artist who had painted it) and the customer paid £95 for it!

Have you made your first sale online yet or are you still struggling to make complete sense of this business and bring it all together so it works smoothly?

Maybe you’ve made some sales but they are few and far between or you’re selling low cost products where the profits, if there are any, are very low?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed with all the confusing and often conflicting advice and information that is available to you?

In My Twenty Years and Five Months Selling Online Here’s What I’ve Found...

Although it is far easier to start an online business today in 2018, it is a LOT harder to make it a success.

Some of this is down to the sheer volume of information and opportunity that cries out for your attention.

Some of it is down to the competition and the more experience your competitors have.

But most of all it’s because...

Online Marketing and Creating A
Successful Business Has Changed A LOT

In fact it’s changed so much in the last few years that in 2016 I decided to completely change my whole business model!

The ‘old way’ of creating an online business taught by a lot of people is just that... old.

It’s not obsolete, and can still work (heck, I built two six figure businesses and one seven figure business using the old way)...

... but now the old way is getting outdated, it’s slow at best and at worst will cost you money and may even break you.

So what’s the alternative?

​The New Smarter Way

Before I tell you exactly what the New Smarter Way is let me ask you a question...

“If I worked one on one with you to help you develop your online business that brings in £1500 to £9500 per week (£6k to £38k per month) what effort would you put in to do that?”

And if by doing that work with me you also develop a skill and expertise that other online business owners would pay YOU £2000 to £5000 per month (every month) to help them...what would you give to get that?

What effort would you put in for a business that could make you £60,000 to £456,000 per year?

And a second side business that could bring in an extra £24,000 to £60,000 per year per person you help?

Imagine helping just 5 people, have them pay you monthly and you develop a business that could bring in £120,000 to £300,000 per year on its own as a side project!

Would you put the work in to achieve that with me working side by side with you, coaching you and being there as your mentor along the way?

Or are you someone who believes you can make great money without doing any work at all, or someone who’s always looking for the ‘easy’ button to push?

I’m sure you’re not, but ‘in case’ that’s you then you can stop reading now!

However, if you’re someone who understands the power of working with a Mentor, can follow instructions, is coachable and will put in a bit of work...

... then you could be the ideal to work together with to help you create an online business that will give you the lifestyle you desire.

Here’s A Look Inside My Business And Why
I Completely Changed The Business Model
A Couple Of Years Back

From my first online sale back in May 1998, and with the help of my wife Karen, we have created through hard and smart work a multi million pound business.

This has enabled us to live a lifestyle that we could only dream about when we both worked in our corporate jobs with its long hours, demanding schedules and the dreaded commute up and down the M6 Motorway every single day!

I’m not going to bore you with a long drawn out story of how I went from bankrupt or homeless to a bazzillionaire (that’s a real word in my world! :) because that’s just not me.

I will say that this business has enabled Karen and I to live out our dream lifestyle and do the things we wanted to do.

We Love To Travel

Karen and I have been together a LONG Time (since college) and not long after we got together we both realised we loved to travel and that has continued to this day...over 30 years together and 22 years married!

In the pictures above.

From left to right is the marina in Aruba, Karen with a Kola in Australia, that’s me writing on a balcony in Italy. There’s me with a beer in hand with Karen at the Friday night Fish Market BBQ in Oistins, Barbados. The final two pictures are to two of my hobbies, Sailing and mountain biking.

Even if holidays aren’t your ‘thing’ ...

What Will You Do With The Money You Make
From This Business And The Freedom It Gives You?

Pay off the credit cards?

Maybe the mortgage?

Treat yourself to a new car, more holidays or simply enjoy the finer things in life?

The Choice Is Yours

And since changing my business model to the New Smarter Way our business is now far more profitable, I work LESS hours and have more free time to enjoy what I want to do.

The old way of creating an online business meant you had to create a lot of different low cost front end products to bring people in around the $7 to $10 range.

You would then hopefully sell your $50 products to some of these people.

Then, over time, some of these buyers would invest in your $200 products.

Others would go onto invest in your $500 products and hopefully, eventually, you would be able to offer your $1000 to $3000 products!

And if you think that sounds like a lot of work (it was) remember each of these products would need creating AND then individually marketing as well!

Going back ten years I use to operate over 105 websites.

  • ​Each would have its own product.
  • ​Each would need individually marketing.
  • ​Each would have its own customer service queries.
  • ​And I’d need 1000’s of visitors to my websites every week just to make £10k per month.

No thanks!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that this way of doing business doesn’t work.

It can still be effective if...

  • ​​You have the knowledge and skills to create all the products.
  • ​​You have the time to create the products.
  • ​​You have the skills to organise and implement all the marketing.
  • ​​You have the financial resources to pay for the all that marketing.

And... because you have to start by selling your low cost front end products first you’ll need deep pockets to fund the marketing BEFORE you get to sell your higher priced products that bring in your big profits.

Today it is easier to market online HOWEVER it costs more.

The days of cheap cost per clicks and easy SEO are long gone.

That’s why I changed my business model to now use the New Smarter Way to develop an online business.

And I call it my ...

Instead of having dozens and dozens of individual products at different prices you have just three core offers.

You have an automated transformational online program that delivers a high value, specific outcome for your customers and clients.

You have a recurring revenue program such as a membership or continuity program where your customers pay you every single month (typical starting at a minimum of $100 per month to $300 per month)

​Your final core offer is Premium Profit Paydays which include your high end coaching programs, Masterminds, workshops and events.

However the Transformational Automated Program is the key; ​it's the program that forms the core of the New Smarter Way of creating a high profit, high impact online business that makes an impact, gets great results for your clients and generates the profits for you.

Why sell dozens of low cost products when your customers are willing to pay a premium price for the ONE product that gets them the result they are looking for?

People Don’t Want More Information.

  • ​​​They have enough already.
  • ​​​They are drowning in information.
  • ​​​They are overwhelmed and bogged down in information overload.

What they do want is a...


They want the outcome they are looking for, they want it as quick as possible and are prepared to pay a premium price for...

​1. A transformational product that delivers that result.

​2. Coaching, help and support along the way to help them reach their goal.

​3. And they’ll happily pay if they feel and know you have their best interests at heart.

Let Me Tell You A Secret
About The NEW Smarter Way

Because your transformational product gets results for people they will be very happy to pay a higher or premium price ($500 to $5000) to you for that outcome.

This means...

  • ​​​You make higher profit margins.
  • ​​​You can invest more into your marketing.
  • ​​​You can attract the best customers.
  • ​​​Enabling you to hit your income goals as well as getting stellar results for your clients and customers.

This Gives You A Self Fulfilling Prophecy

The more you help get the results your customers are looking for.

The more you can charge.

The better customers are attracted to work with you.

And you make a higher income whilst working with less people which frees up your time to enjoy the lifestyle you want!

Would you rather deal with 10 to 20 customers a month and have the time to give them amazing customer support?

Or deal with 100’s or 1000’s of customers who bought low cost products and all of the customer support questions that comes with dealing with that many people?

I’ve done both and I know which I prefer...

There Is A
Catch 22 Situation
That You May Find Yourself In

To create a Transformational Program you do need knowledge, skills and experience in the topic and market you are working in.

You need to be able to actually help people and get them the result they are looking for with the help and support that goes with it.

Gone are the days of slapping up a website after doing a little bit of research and buying cheap traffic to get sales... it’s virtually impossible to do that today.

And you can forget about trying to master SEO (search engine optimisation) to get free traffic. The search engines change their algorithms too often for the novice or beginner to make use of SEO.

Where Does That Leave You?

If you’ve been trying to create an online business for any length of time then you know the basics and what’s involved.

You know what needs to be done, but just can’t seem to piece it together or get the traction you need to start making the big profits online.

However... have you been following the Old Way, instead of the New Smarter Way of creating an online business?

What if you haven’t got a set of skills or experience (yet) you can fall back on to create a high profit business?

You could learn a new skill but that does take time and you probably want to be earning money right now or at least as quickly as possible.

And that’s the conundrum I’ve been working on over these past several months.

I’ve drawn on all my 20 years and five months selling online to create a program where you can make money online now (as much as £1500 to £9500 per week) and...

... help you develop a skill and expertise that others will happily pay you £2000 to £5000 PER MONTH, every month (This is optional and only if you want to develop this side business)

I wanted a program that utilises The NEW Smarter Way of creating an online business.

That enables you to make money from a Transformational Program.

And make money from a high paying monthly recurring revenue program so you can enjoy the feeling of seeing money come into your bank account every single month from sales you refer just once.

Plus, I wanted you to make those REALLY BIG profits from commissions paid to you from people who invest in the High Level Coaching, Mastermind and Workshops.

Was This Really Possible For You?

Before I created this brand new program I gave myself important rules to follow.

The program must:

​​Follow The NEW Smarter Way of creating a long lasting, stable and very profitable online business.

​​​It must use my P3 Formula to give you multiple streams of income.

​​​It must give the people I work with the opportunity to make BIG commissions on a weekly basis.

​​​There must be a ONE TIME investment for the program. No hidden fees or different levels to pay for before you make the bigger commissions.

​​​The marketing must be to an irresistible offer to attract the ideal prospects (Think free premium training).

​​​I want to work with people one-on-one. Not in a seminar, not even a small workshop. Just you and me (you can bring a guest to our first meeting). We’ll sit down together and map out your business with a personal specific plan for you and your current situation.

​​​The people who I work with are able to recommend high quality transformational programs (not rehashed PLR or license rubbish) that get results for the customers.

​​​​For me, it is very important that I work with people I like and will get on well with as we grow our businesses together.

​​​​The people I work with are able to realise commissions of £1500 per week to £9500 per week to begin with and then go onto to make far more if they wanted to as their own experience and skills grow.

Side Note: I hate the sales letters that say you can make a million in a year from scratch with little or no experience. Listen it is very possible to do that amount and more in 12 months but let me be brutally honest here...

...if you’ve never made an online sale before or have only made a few hundred to a thousand or two in commissions then 99.99% of the time you’ll not go from that to a million in 12 months.

It is possible to go from those low figures to
60k a year, 100k a year or even 200k.

But to go to a million in one year from a standing start is not possible in most cases.

Now I’m sorry if that puts you off, or bursts your bubble, but there are certain (infamous) marketers who use that big promise to lure people in under false pretences!

My aim when working with you is to show and help you reach £1500 per week to £9500 per week with a simple easy to follow plan; and then help you grow your income further as your confidence and experience grows.

I take a long term view with the people I work with and it doesn’t matter what you are achieving now, or the experience you have, as long as we can work together and follow the plan that is created for you.

And with that view in mind I’d like to introduce...

​The Inner Circle Team

After selling online for 20 years and five months I wanted to create a program where I work with a small group of individuals helping them create their ideal lifestyle business and give you my complete system for selling online.

And then give you 60% of all the future profits we make together.

PLUS – Help you develop a skill and expertise that other people will pay you £2000 to £5000 per month (every month) for your help.

You don’t have to do this second opportunity if you don’t want to; you could go on quietly making £1500 to £9500+ per week as an Inner Circle Team Member.

That means you could easily develop a business that makes you £78,000 to £494,000 per year.

  • ​​​​Without a website of your own (if you don’t want one).
  • ​​​​Without having to create your own transformational program.
  • ​​​​Without having to build an email list.
  • ​​​​Without having to deal with customers or customer service.

And you can do this from anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection.

In the last 16 months we’ve travelled as a family to.

Spain, Italy, Fuerteventura, Caribbean, Majorca as well as long weekends here in the UK.

​I've also travelled to the United States, Iceland and Poland.

I told you we like to travel!

Even if travel isn’t your ‘thing’ imagine what you would do with the free time this business gives you as well as the money to enjoy that time?

Here’s What Will Happen First

When you apply to be part of the Inner Circle Team we will arrange to have an informal chat on the telephone.

The reason I want to talk with you first is to make sure you are the ideal person to join the Inner Circle Team.

It doesn’t matter what experience you have now (or lack of experience) what I’m looking for are people who I can connect with and then work together as we create a lifestyle business you can be proud of.

Now, if it’s not right for you to join the Inner Circle Team at this time I’ll be straight with you and let you know. However I will help you and give you recommendations to help you create your online business.

And you never know, we could work together in the future.

If you are accepted we’ll then have ou​r in person, one-on-one meeting where I’ll sit down with you in person to map out your personal plan to get started quickly and making your first commissions within 30 days (or sooner).

We’ll also set goals, targets and milestones together so you know EXACTLY what to do to reach your income goals whether that’s £1500 per week, £9500 per week or more.

And later in this letter I’ll explain exactly how you’ll do that.

I’m going to show you the complete picture and true potential of an online business using my P3 Formula and The NEW Smarter Way of doing business online.

And You Can Choose How
& Where You Want To Work

When I started this business I still worked full time in a career. My business was run on an IKEA desk from a spare bedroom.

When I left my ‘job’ I still worked from home (but I did have a better desk!)

I did this for another three years until the business grew to a point where we decided to rent a small office in the village where we live.

The office was only a 15 minute walk away and on many days I walked to the office using the stroll as ‘thinking time’.

I was also exercising, or at least that’s what I told myself! :)

Then A Life Event Brought BIG Changes

Back in 2013 Karen (my wife) and I decided we wanted to adopt a child. 

We went through all the interviews, the ‘training’ and approval process and in May 2014 we welcomed home our beautiful baby boy who was 9 months old at the time.

Even before we met him, and before we even knew if we would have a boy or a girl, I made a decision and a promise.

I wanted to be present for as much of their life and growing up as possible.


We closed the office and move back home converting one of the garages into an office.

It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ we had collected over time renting the office and moving back home meant a lot of de-cluttering.

And over the years our little boy has been with us I’ve been there for the milestones including first words and first steps.

I’ve been there for breakfast, taking him to nursery and now taking him to and from school. I’ve attended Christmas plays, sports days, parents evening and taken him swimming after school, football and gymnastics.

The ability to do all that, and be present in his life as he grows up, to me is priceless.

​And at just under 5 years old now he’s been abroad 11 times already!

​Here he is at the Marina in Puerto Banus in Spain.

​He was fascinated by a Ferrari that had a mirror wrap and kept looking at himself in it (And I’ll admit, he did put his hand print on it before I walked off quickly​ :)

​That’s what makes this business one of the best there is in the world as it gives you the ability to work when, where, how and with who you want to.

It enables you to take time off when you want to safe in the knowledge that sales will still come in and money will still flow into your bank account.

(When you use my P3 Formula and The NEW Smarter Way of doing business online of course!)

I Don’t Ride The Rush Hour
Anymore But I do Ride My Bike

I enjoy mountain biking and a couple of times a week I meet up with friends (who have their own business) for a morning ride.

One of the ‘rituals’ we have is to the end the ride with a coffee, and the odd bacon butty at a local cafe!

It’s fun to watch the faces on the people going to work in their cars, on the bus or pounding the pavement as we drink our coffee, savouring the butty and discuss everything and nothing as the rest of the world rushes by.

These are the things I enjoy most about this business, your reasons may differ.

Whether it’s paying off credits cards or loans, going part time in your job, helping a partner give up work; travelling to exotic places or buying the finer things in life...

What Will You Do With The Money You Make?

For the people who apply and are accepted onto the Inner Circle Team here are just some of the benefits you can expect.

Get Started Quickly

You will be up and running FAST, Within a few days of our one on one in person meeting we will create your plan enabling to start sending visitors to the free premium training.

You’ll know exactly what to do and exactly how to do it through my personal coaching and training.

And you can start using this system:

  • ​​​​​Without a website of your own.
  • ​​​​​Without an existing email list.
  • ​​​​​Without having to create any of your own products.
  • ​​​​​And without having to work hours and hours every day.

Following the plan and training you can expect to see your first sales and commissions within 30 days. (For some it will be quicker, for a few others it may take a little longer but commissions will start to flow into your bank account)

Because we take care of everything there’s no product delivery or customer service for you to worry about. No dealing with people either face to face, on the phone or by email.

We do all of that using our ACE Formula (Amazing Customer Experience) which leads to happy customers and clients which in turn leads to more sales and commissions for you.

Do The Work Once and Get Paid Over and Over

A special part of being in the Inner Circle Team means that anyone you refer over to the free training is immediately ‘tagged’ as coming from you.

This means that no matter whether they invest in training, coaching, membership or mentorship you will get the commission for that referral.

And the commission is split 60 /40 in YOUR favour.

So for our £3000 program you will get paid £1800 in commission.

And It Doesn’t End There

Whenever that person invests in new services from us YOU will also get paid a commission on these sales as well.

It doesn’t matter if they buy again in a week, a year or five years+... you get the credit you deserve for referring that customer and we you the commission.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

You may know that I love membership sites and recurring revenue?

This is where a customer pays you every month for products or services you deliver to them on a regular basis.

I have a number of different recurring revenue programs that you will earn commissions from ranging from $197 to $3995 per month.

Your commission on these programs would be $118.20 to $2397 per month EVERY month!

(Note we sell in both UK£ and US$ Dollars BUT you will receive 60% commission on all sales and be paid your commission in UK£’s direct into your bank account)

You could receive all this for simply referring people to premium, high value, FREE online training and letting my marketing machine do the follow up work making you the commissions.

One Single Customer Referral Can Lead To
Several Thousand In Commissions For You

Having been selling online now for twenty years and one month there’s one fundamental law in business that has held true over that time.

“When a customer invests in a product or service from you, and they are happy with that investment, then it is FAR easier to sell a second and a third product or service to that person”

And with our ACE System (Amazing Customer Experience) we make sure that a customer only invests in the right product or service they need, at the right time AND it will get them the result they are looking for.

This may mean we lose out on some short term sales BUT we win over the long term as we create loyal customers and lifelong clients, which in turn means lifetime commissions for you.

My aim is not to be the biggest, but to be the best in class at we what do and the most profitable overall.

If you’re happy with that, keep reading.

What Are The Potential Commissions
And Profits you Could Make?

Now, there is no way I can guarantee (or promise) the exact amount you will make.

No one can, and if they did try to guarantee it without knowing you, working with you and seeing initial results then I urge you to walk away from them, quickly.

With that said I do know how my system works and the results that are achievable using it. The kind of money and profits can vary when you follow the system... up to £1500 per week to as much as £9,500 or more per week.

Remember, you are not sending people to a sales letter or sales presentation.

With my help and support you are inviting them to view my FREE premium online training. This can be a webinar, a video training series or a PDF Guide/Case Study document.

Once people register or request the free training my marketing system then takes over.

After they receive the free training we will make an offer to invest in the relevant paid programs we have and then follow up with them via email (and vial the mail).

The follow up process creates trust and builds a relationship whilst making offers for our programs that are ideal for them, at the right time they need them.

Here’s ​A ​Working ​Example​:

I know that for every 100 visitors who register for my free training webinar.

  • Up to 8 people will invest in my £3000 coaching program (more will come over time from the follow up process)
  • Two or more will invest in my £10,000 Coaching Mastermind program.
  • And 12 to 20 or more will join a membership or monthly continuity program.

Now, these numbers can, and do vary (up or down) depending on where the visitors come from and at what stage of the follow up process they are in.

BUT... can you see the profit potential for you as you will earn 60% commission on all the sales that come from your referrals?

Think about this...

From sending 100 visitors to view the free training your earnings could potentially be £26,400 from the program sales PLUS as much as £2,680 per month from the membership which is £32,160 per year!

That’s a total of £58,560 from referring 100 people!

How many times would you repeat that process? :)

This Is The Power Of Using
The NEW Smarter Way For Online Business

Right Neil you’ve got me excited and I can see the potential but...

Can You Tell ME Exactly What It Is I’ll Have
To Do As An Inner Circle Team Member?

Because I changed my business model from the ‘old way’ to The NEW Smarter Way of doing online business, instead of having dozens and dozens of different products starting at low price points upwards, I now have my CORE offers.

These are my Group Coaching Program starting at £3000; my Coaching Mastermind at £10,000 and my recurring revenue programs starting at $297 per month to $3995 per month.

When you become an Inner Circle Team member your role will be to send visitors to my FREE premium online training.

These are:

  • ​​​​​​Webinar Presentations
  • ​​​​​​Video Series Training
  • ​​​​​​PDF Guide/Case Study Download

My system will then run the follow up campaigns to convert these visitors into happy paying customers and clients earning you the BIG Commissions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are NOT reselling the Inner Circle Team. This is a closed invitation only program with a small group of people. You are sending people to view my free online training which in turn offers my coaching and training programs.

As an Inner Circle Team member my role will be to coach and train you to enable you to send visitors to these offers, and then Mentor you to develop your skills and expertise in online traffic generation.

This online traffic generation will be a mix of paid and none paid marketing methods and if you’ve never used paid marketing before then we will start your campaigns from as little as $5 per day (approx just £3.75!)

If you’re wondering what budget they will need for paid traffic it will be approximately £150 to £200 per month to begin with.

I will Mentor you so you start with £150/£200 and then use that to grow your business reinvesting part of your PROFITS back into traffic generation which in turns makes you even more commissions.

And Here’s A Secret Benefit To Being
Part Of The Inner Circle Team

With my help you will develop your skills at sending traffic and visitors to websites and you’ll soon become an expert at driving traffic online (Which is a very valuable skill to have)

I’ll Work With You To Give You Three Things


By learning how to drive traffic to my free online training you’ll start to make those big commissions from the people who invest in my paid programs.

This can range; £1500 per week to as much as £9500 per week or more...every week.

​You send the traffic and my system, using The NEW Smarter Way of online business, will go into action turning these visitors into happy paying customers and clients.

​And with my help, training and mentoring you will start to develop a real skill and expertise in driving traffic to websites.

Did You Know?

​Online businesses are DESPARATE for people who know how to send visitors to websites... and will pay a LOT to people who can do it for them.

And I’m not talking about just using Facebook Ads either.

​Yes, as an Inner Circle Team member I will coach you on using Facebook Ads as ONE source of traffic.


​I’ll also coach you on using Google Display Network (Bigger then Facebook for reaching targeted people) and also my ‘secret’ traffic source that only online marketer’s in the know use.

This secret traffic source is bigger than Facebook and Google COMBINED!

​These are the three main channels we will use, however over the time we work together I’ll introduce you to other traffic networks and new methods of driving traffic that you can add to your new traffic generation skills.

£100K+ Per Year As A Sideline Business?

In just a few short months as well as making big commissions from my programs you’ll have the skills to be able to send traffic to ANY website for virtually any offer!

You then have a choice.

​You can continue sending traffic to my offers so you continue to earn the big commissions (Which I hope you do of course!)

​However, you’ll also be able to identify other high paying commission offers and send traffic to them as well ...diversifying your income.

​But... the new opportunity for you will be to run traffic for other online business owners and be paid handsomely for it!

​People are paying £2000 to £5000 PER MONTH to other people to manage their traffic campaigns for them!

​Imagine having just three clients who pay you on average £3000 per month each.

That’s a monthly income of £9000 and an annual income of £108,000


​And from working just a few hours each week.

​Like I said ... the choice is yours to do this opportunity or not.

​But if you do decide to do it I will show you how to set up the business, what campaigns to run and I will refer you clients as well!

​Because I now coach and mentor successful online business owners I am ALWAYS asked if I know anyone who can help them run their traffic campaigns.

​And if I’m working with you, coaching you and mentoring you guess who I’m going to recommend to them?

My Inner Circle Team Members of Course!

​I will stress again that this side business opportunity is only there if you want to do it. If it doesn’t appeal then that’s OK... you can stick to quietly making the big commissions using my system to do the work for you.

​Letting my system do the work for you can result in you making £1500 to £9500+ per week which could be a £78,000 per year business right up to a £494,000 per year business!

​All from recommending my FREE training to people who are searching for it!

Why AM I Launching The Inner Circle Team?

​The reason I started my online business way back in 1998 was to give me the freedom to choose how I wanted to live my life.

​Back then I had a corporate job and I actually enjoyed it, however, I knew that job ‘owned’ me.

​The funny thing was that as I climbed the corporate career ladder I earned more money, got bigger bonuses and drove a nicer car.

But... my own time became less and less.

​When I look back I realise that I was working harder and harder for less and less free time to enjoy my success.

​My online business now gives me the choice to choose when, where and with whom I want to work with.

​Mine and Karen’s lifestyle is far different now than it was back in my corporate days.

​I love this business, the people I work with and the opportunities it has given me.

​And even after 20 years and one month selling online I’ve only just scratched the surface as to what is possible to achieve!

You see...

A recent study into the big businesses who sell ‘how to’ information and digital training online estimated the market to be worth $120Billion to $150Billion Dollars per year!

​What that figure didn’t include was all the independent businesses like you and I who are selling the products and services from their own websites.

​When you add these figures into the market it could quite easily double or even triple those amounts above.

​And the market for ‘How To’ information and Digital Training is set to surge over the next few years as more people come into the market looking to start their own online business and need help doing that.

​To take advantage of this coming
surge I had a couple of choices:

​1) Take on more staff, move back into an office and a bigger office and deal with all the headaches and time consuming tasks that comes with that.

​No thanks!

​2) Go out and recruit 1000’s of affiliates to promote my products. The BIG downside of recruiting affiliates that no one talks about is this.

​Less than 5% of affiliates you recruit will actually promote for you. And when they do it will be very sporadic. That’s a lot of time and energy needed for what can be very little reward.

​Neither of these options appealed to me!

​So I went back to the drawing board to formulate a plan and it got me thinking.

I have a quote from Zig Ziglar in a frame above my desk which says.

“You can have everything in life you want if​​
you help other people get what they want”

​And in The NEW Smarter Way of doing business online that is what I focus on... the results and rewards for the people I am working with.

It’s With That In Mind That I
Developed The Inner Circle Team.

​The Inner Circle Team has me working one-on-one with a SMALL number of individuals to help them achieve their goals and dream lifestyle.

​And by doing that, putting the focus on YOU, not me, it will naturally help me reach my goals.

​This is a TRUE win-win partnership that can only be achieved because of the one-on-one nature of the program.

Over the last twenty years and five months in my online business we’ve pulled in millions in revenue and we’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible.

​Over the last two years since I changed my business model to The New Smarter Way I’ve seen bigger profits in my business from a lot LESS work, made a BIGGER impact with my clients and helped the​m reach BIGGER goals and profits in their businesses.

​And I’m only just getting started.

Let Me Ask You This Question...

​“Would you be willing to work with me one-on-one, to put into action what I show you, follow my training and coaching and use me as your Mentor to help you develop your online business that could make you £1500 per week to as much as £9500 per week or more?”

​If you’re saying yes then I’m willing to take you on as an Inner Circle Team member and split all the profits we make together 60/40 in YOUR favour.

​Plus, if you want to develop an additional side business helping other online business owners with their website traffic I will show you how to do that AND refer you clients who will happily pay you £2000 to £5000 per month, every month, to run their traffic for them.

​Again, there’s no need to run this side business if you don’t want to... the option is there for you as you develop your own skills and expertise as a traffic generation specialist.

As an Inner Circle Team Members you will have access to the same Premium Training, Premium Products and High Converting Sales Funnels and Follow Up Campaigns I use to bring in the big profits.

And working together you will take 60% of all the sales we do together.

​After 20 years+ in this business the Inner Circle Team has me VERY excited to be working with a small handful of individuals as we ride the coming surge for the demand in digital marketing and online training products.

This Is The Inner Circle
Team Business Proposition

​If you’re willing to follow my step by step plan then I will...

​Personally show you how to make £1500 to £9500+ per week to begin with and then onto a potential multiple six figure a year business if you want to.

Train you to use my PROVEN system and the NEW Smarter Way
of doing business online even if you’re a complete novice.

​Give you access to my LIVE and in person online training to help you grow your business, access to an online training area so you can access recordings of the trainings whenever you need to keep you on track and growing your profits.

​One-on-one calls with me so we can review your progress, set new goals, help with any hurdles and keep you on track so you hit ​the goals you are working towards.

This Is How The Inner Circle
Team Application Process Works

​When you apply to join the Inner Circle Team you’ll complete the registration form by clicking the link below: PLEASE NOTE that you are applying only at this stage and your card will NOT be charged.

​Once your application is received I’ll arrange an informal telephone call with you; the reason for this call is twofold.

​1) I want to make sure I can help you reach your online business goals.

​2) And that we are a good fit to work together.

​Remember, I’m not looking for the most experienced, if you’re a novice that’s OK. I am looking for people who are prepared to work with me so we can build our businesses together.

​Once accepted on to the Inner Circle Team we’ll arrange the one-on-one in person meeting.

​This meeting will be just you and I. You may wish to bring your partner or business partner with you and that is ok.

During this meeting we’ll map out a strategy for you to use so you:

​1) Get started quickly and making your first commissions in 30 days where possible.

​2) Know exactly what you need to do right now; there’ll be no confusion, overwhelm or trying to figure it out all yourself.

​3) And we’ll make sure you are using the right strategies and techniques to suit your personal situation, knowledge and experience.

​I don’t believe in a one size fits all solution...everyone is different.

And that’s why I am meeting my Inner
Circle Team members one on one.

​Not in a small group or a large workshop.

​This ensures personal one-on-one focus and a tailored plan just for you. After the initial one on one meeting you’ll then have full ongoing help and support from me and my own team.

​We’ll have live online training sessions to build up your skills and expertise and each session will have live question and answer sessions with me.

​There’s also the Inner Circle Team Members Area so you can brush up on anything in your own time as well.

​Plus, we’ll have our one on one calls to keep you focused and moving towards YOUR goals.

​The great thing about the Inner Circle Team is that I win only when YOU WIN!

​I don’t consider this just ‘training’ or your normal coaching program. This is a full Mentor experience with the most access to me and my team for Inner Circle Team Members.

​PLUS, there are MANY additional benefits to being in the Inner Circle Team that I’ll tell you about when we meet.

​With all the help, support and Mentoring coupled with the structured step by step plan to follow you could soon be making £1500 to £95000+ commission on a weekly basis.

​And remember, for everyone you refer over to my FREE training you get paid commission FOR LIFE on any and all investments they making into my paid programs.

​Are You Wondering Just How Big The Opportunity​
Is Online For My Training And Coaching Programs?

As I mentioned earlier a recent report highlighted that Digital Marketing and How To Courses market is estimated at between $120Billion to $150Billion per year and that excludes people who sell from their own websites.

On top of this I did my own research.

In Facebook using just one interest group I found that there were over 270Million people who had an interest in starting their own information based online business!

​Using Google, Bing and the other search properties and sites I discovered there’s a base of over 27.3Million people searching each month about starting an online business...

...and over 18 million people searching every single month for how to make money online.

​And those numbers don’t include the other online advertising platforms, the none Google video sites and offline media!

​As you can see the opportunity is HUGE and growing​
and in my own twenty years selling online I’ve only scratched the surface.

​As an Inner Circle Team Member all you have to do is send a tiny portion of these people to my FREE training and then let my marketing system take over and do the work for you as you then bank the commissions.

My P3 Framework combined with the NEW Smarter Way of doing business online brings in a very healthy profit every single month; and as you can see from the search numbers and demand there is just no way I could ever reach everyone in the market.

​It would probably take me several hundred years or thousands of partners to do that!

​That’s why I want you and the small group of Inner Circle Team members to be part of this growing trend.

​We all profit in a big way as we develop our skills and grow a big business we can all be proud of as we make a massive impact in the market helping those people who are looking for the solutions they need.

​And don’t forget the additional side business opportunity (if you want to do it)

​Through my mentoring, coaching and training you will develop the skills and expertise for driving traffic online to any type of website.

​This is a very VALUABLE skill that other business owners will happily pay you £2000 to £5000 per month, every month, to run their traffic for them.

And if this opportunity does appeal to you I will show you how to:

  • ​​​Structure the business correctly so you only work a few hours each week.
  • ​​​How to get paid the big amounts from your new clients.
  • ​​​How to run your campaigns so you have VERY happy clients.
  • ​​​I’ll refer my clients to you with a glowing recommendation because I know you’ll do a great job for them.
  • arrow-circle-right
    ​And give you everything you need to create another profitable six figure business working just a few hours a week each month.

​What’s Your Goal?

​I know different members of the Inner Circle Team will have different goals and targets. If your goal is an extra 6k per month then great... working one on one together we can create a plan for you to hit your goal.

​If your goal to hit 10k, 25k, 50k a month or more than fantastic... working together we’ll create a plan for you to hit YOUR goal.

​Although each person will have a different plan (personal to them) you’ll be using a PROVEN SYSTEM to help you get to your goal.

​I firmly believe that the Inner Circle Team is the IDEAL way for you to create a 50k to 100k+ per year business and then go onto to multiple six figures or more in the future.

The Inner Circle Team program will also help you develop a very valuable skill which means your expertise will be in demand enabling you to charge high fees to others as you help them (if you want to).

​I’ve been called ‘lucky’ by some people for the success I’ve had and the lifestyle Karen and I (and ou​r little boy) now lead.

​I think this sums up what I think luck is...

“Luck is being able to recognise opportunity when it is presented and being prepared to ACT FAST on that opportunity”

​I’ve never regretted acting on an opportunity when it has been presented to me... I have kicked myself once or twice over the years when I let a great opportunity slip by.

How DO You Become An
Inner Circle Team Member?

​Let me stress, I am looking for a small group of ambitious individuals to work with. It doesn’t matter what your experience level is as long as we can work together to get you to your goals.

​If you can follow direction, be willing to learn , follow my direction, help and support then I’m willing to work with you as an Inner Circle Team member.

​I’ll show you what to do to start making commissions of £1500 to £9500 per week by sending people to my FREE premium online training and then you’ll receive 60% commission on the paid programs your referrals invest in ... for life.

​You’ll simply send traffic (which is what I’ll coach you to do) then let my marketing system take over and do the work to convert your leads into happy, paying customers and clients.

​The Inner Circle Team Application Process

​When you apply by clicking the link below we’ll arrange a time to have a chat on the phone.

REMEMBER – at this point you are applying only; your card will NOT be charged.

​Following the call, and if you are accepted into the Inner Circle Team, we’ll set a date for our first one-on-one meeting. This will just be you and I (you can bring a partner/business partner if you wish).

​You’ll leave this meeting knowing EXACTLY what to do next. No more information overload or feeling overwhelmed.

Imagine This... receiving your first commission payment into
 your bank account for £1500 or more in just a few weeks time.

​The Ongoing Help and Support

​After the initial in person meeting you’re not left to go it alone.

​You’ll have access to the Inner Circle Team Member area so you can access the trainings at anytime to brush up on your skills.

​The live online training sessions and Q&A with me so I can give you the latest updates, new techniques and strategies that are working right now for me.

​There’s no theory, or the art of the possible, just PROVEN techniques that I’ll show you how to implement in your own business.

​You’ll have my private email address for ANY questions you may have at ANY time. I’m a BIG believer in asking for help when you need it.

I ask my mentors questions all the time and I encourage you to ask me questions as well.

​Alongside all of this you’ll have your one on one calls with me where we will review your progress, set new targets and objectives, overcome any obstacles you may have along the way and make sure you are on target to hit your goals whether it be 6k per month, 10K per month or 100k per month.

​And don’t forget the opportunity to create a new business using the skills and expertise you’ll have by being a member of the Inner Circle Team. Skills that other online business owners will happily pay you £2000 to £5000 per month, every month to help them if you want do it.

​What’s Being A Member of The
Inner Circle Team Worth To You?

​Because of the one on one Mentoring combined with initial training, support and setting everything up for you there will be a considerable cost both in money and time for me.

​And that’s why I want to make sure I work with people who are committed to making the big commissions with me.

​My original thought was to price this program at £9995. The reason for this was that it would take less than two months of just making £1500 per week to recoup your initial investment.

​However I did realise that even though the investment could be recouped quickly it would exclude some people who were really committed.

Here’s what I decided...

A very fair investment would be £5999 (plus VAT) because this amount could be recouped with just four sales of the lowest priced program!

​Four sales!

​You could be doing that in one or two days alone very soon.

​You Can Pay Me Out
Of The Profits You Make

If you don’t think £5999 +VAT is a fair investment for all the help, support, training and one on one mentoring I give you to help you develop a business that can bring in £1500 to £9500+ per week then you’re not the type of person I’m looking for.

​With that said, I want to show you how confident I am that the Inner Circle Team is the IDEAL program  for you to make big commissions I’m willing to let you pay part of the initial fee from the profits you make.

This is how it will work

You’ll pay just 50% now (£2999 +VAT) and when you have reached £60,000 in commissions you’ll pay the second payment of £2999 +VAT.  (There is a two payment option available for this first installment for people who qualify)

You’ll only make the second payment once you have BANKED £60,000 in commissions!

PLEASE NOTE: These are one time payments. £​2999 ​+VAT now and £​2999 ​+VAT when you have banked £60,000 in commissions.

There Are No Up Sells Or Other Payments To Me

​You will start making 60% commissions on ALL products sold from the referrals you send in.

How Can I Make Such An Offer?


​Because I’ll be working with you one on one it’s in my best interests to help you succeed because not only will I help you recoup your initial investment and then help you make those big commissions...

​...we’ll both win from all the future sales that come in from the referrals you send with you making 60% and me 40%.

​You may remember when dealing with customer and clients I use the ACE Formula which stands for:

​Amazing Customer Experience

​Within the Inner Circle Team ACE has the same meaning for you with a slight change to

​Amazing CLIENT Experience

​I want you to feel the EXCITEMENT of making £1500 per week to as much as £9500 or more per week.

I want you to see that money in your bank account.

​And the ‘Amazing’ things you can start doing in your life free from any money worries, free from debt and free to live life on your terms and the lifestyle you deserve.

​If, and I mean If, you recognise the immense value and opportunity the Inner Circle Team provides and you are willing to work closely with me (not be someone who expects everything for nothing), then you are the right type of person I am looking for.

​It doesn’t matter what your experience level is as long as you can follow instructions, use a proven system and ask for help then we can work together.

Money Back Guarantee​

​If anyone is looking for a guarantee to see if there’s a way out if they do nothing then that person is not for me and I URGE them NOT to apply.

​However I recognise that the Inner Circle Team is an investment and it’s right that there is some sort of guarantee in place to put your mind at ease.

​And the reason for a guarantee should be as a motivator for you.

I think this story is a great example.

​There was a young man who owned a manufacturing business. He had taken it over from predecessors.

​The machines were just about worn out and kept breaking down. He was running into enormous financial difficulties, just barely able to meet the payroll.

​And then one day, that was it.

​The bills kept piling up and he felt suffocated. He felt as though it was an avalanche of bills that never stopped and only got larger. For a moment he felt as though he couldn’t breathe with the constriction of bonds around his chest – the bonds of debt.

​Then came Christmas, and there was no bonus for any of the employees, he just barely made the payroll. He had nothing left over for himself and his family for Christmas.

​That Christmas Eve, he walked home.

​He couldn’t buy a tree, but his kids had found one.

​And it was decorated in a half-hearted manner, with the best they could.

​And he said to his wife, “I can’t stand it any longer, I’ve got to get some fresh air. Do you mind if I go for a walk?”

​They lived right near Central Park and he walked out into the park, into the darkness. He shortly came to a little pond over which there was a wooden arch that bridged the water, and he thought, as he stood on that wooden arch:

​“I am worthless. I have no net worth, but I have a lot of insurance. Yes and it’s double-indemnity accident. If this rail I’m leaning against were to break… double indemnity.” And he started leaning heavily upon the rail, and backing up and pushing, and it started to give. And suddenly from out of the darkness...

​“Hey, you there! I see what you’re doing!” He pulled away and wheeled around.

​Coming out of the shadows, this very elderly man said, “This is Christmas Eve, what do you think you’re doing?” And he poured it all out to the stranger, sort of like he was a father to him.

​The man said,

​“Haven’t you ever heard of faith?”

​And the factory owner replied, “Please. Don’t talk to me about faith! That isn’t going to help at this particular moment — faith.”

And the man said, “All right, I’ll show you what faith is. Obviously you don’t recognize me — I’m John D. Rockefeller.” And he reached in his pocket and pulled out a checkbook. And he wrote a check to the young man for one million dollars.

He said, “I want you to put this in your safe, in your business, cash it if you must – but I don’t think you’ll have to. This is my faith in you, and I expect you to have some faith in yourself. I want you to meet me right here next Christmas Eve, a year from now – and I expect you to hand this check back to me, uncashed. But if you need to cash it, you may.”

​The factory owner went back to his apartment, where his family was, and he was floating! He had a million dollars from John D. Rockefeller. Within a week or so, with his new attitude and enthusiasm, things started happening around the business — and within two weeks his creditors came to him.

​They said, “We’ve had a big meeting, we realize that you are so deep into us that there’s no conceivable way you can ever pay off what you owe us. But you’ve got nothing that’s worth anything to us to foreclose on. So we’ve talked it over and we decided that if you had good equipment in here, you could really start making some money to pay us off. So we’re loaning you enough money, in addition to what you already owe us, to put in some new equipment.”

​Word got out rapidly and big orders started coming in. He made a bundle in the next twelve months. He couldn’t wait for Christmas Eve.

​The formerly despondent factory owner went back in Central Park a year later. He’s there, wandering around the same general area, in the dark, looking for John D. Rockefeller — surely he remembered — maybe he was tied up in other family affairs and so forth?

​Ah, there he is!

He approached him and began pouring the whole story out of what had happened in the past twelve months, and he said, “Just as you said sir, I didn’t have to cash it!”

​The old man backed away and said, “I don’t know who you are, I’m not John D. Rockefeller, and I’m surprised you don’t recognize me – I am Andrew Mellon. Please let me alone.”

​Startled, he said, “But I’m sure you were Mr. Rockefeller! We were right here on the bridge!” And suddenly another figure came out of the darkness, down the path.

​She was a nurse, with a black nurse’s cape, and she said, “Thank God, there you are, sir. I thought I’d lost you.

​Young man, is he bothering you?

I hope he hasn’t bothered you.

​He keeps going around telling everybody he’s John D. Rockefeller or Andrew Mellon, and writing big checks and giving them away.”

Just as in the story, the THOUGHT of having the Million Dollar cheque served as a motivator, then this guarantee should be seen as a motivator for you.

​If anyone is looking at a guarantee as a get out clause then sorry, to be blunt, I don’t want them.

​I want committed people who will work with me. People who want to create a business and set of skills that will help them create the lifestyle they desire.

With that in mind here’s my VERY UNIQUE

I guarantee that if you haven’t made any commission after being a member of the Inner Circle Team for twelve months I will give you a full refund PLUS 10% on top of what you paid for the training.

​And by being FULLY TRANSPARENT here’s what I ask from you to enable you to ask for a refund after twelve months of making no commissions.

1) You must have attended five out of ten live online training sessions in twelve months.

​2) You must have had 4 or more one on one calls with me in the 12 months.

​3) And OBVIOUSLY you must have run your marketing campaigns driving a minimum of just 500 visitors to the free training in the twelve months. (With my training you could be sending more than 500 visitors in a day soon!)

​The reason I have these three clear points in place is that I know if you have undertaken these three points in the next twelve months, and still not made any commissions, then you deserve a refund because it would be MY FAULT not yours.

​And by having those three clear points it will stop anyone joining, doing nothing and then asking for a refund after they have had all my time, help, support and training.

​I can also offer such a unique guarantee plus the additional 10% BECAUSE I will be working closely with you. I will do EVERYTHING I can to help you reach your goal whether that is £1500 per week or £9500+ per week...heck it could be more.

​With The Inner Circle Team
I Win ONLY When You Do.

​It’s a PERFECT complement to the Zig Ziglar quote:

“You can have everything in life you want
if you help other people get what they want”

I like certain quotes because they are very apt.

​Here’s another:

​“It Is In Your Moments Of Decision
That Your Destiny Is Shaped”

​I like to say ...

​Do you have your head up and eyes open and prepared to grab a fantastic opportunity as it is presented to you?

And it’s now time to make a choice.

​You can apply to be an Inner Circle Team member and work with me to help you build your online business and develop a very valuable skill and expertise or...

​...decide it’s not for you, don’t apply and continue as you are.

Choices - Choices - Choices

​Now, if deciding not to apply is a thought-out, considered decision, based on everything I’ve said in this letter then that is ok... but let me ask you this...

​“What will change for you in the next
12 months if you take no action now?”

​Remember, when you click the button below and complete the registration form you are applying ONLY. Your card will NOT be charged.

​Once I receive your form we’ll book in a time that works for us both and we’ll have an informal chat to see if the Inner Circle Team is right for you or not.

​Now It’s Your Turn

​It doesn’t matter what experience you have right now.

​When I first got started with my online business I used trial and error (with a LOT of error!)  stumbling my way through until I found my first mentor.

With a Mentor my business really took off and today I still invest in Masterminds, coaching and my own mentors.

​Working directly with me and my team gives you the benefit of my twenty years and one month selling online and it also gives you an advantage of having me as your Mentor every step of the way.

​It gives you a tremendous advantage of using PROVEN campaigns, products and programs that get results for the people who use them AND the BIG COMMISSIONS for you.

​It gives you the opportunity to develop a business that brings in money for you as well as helping you develop a very valuable skill and expertise.

This Is What Makes The Inner Circle
Team An Exciting Opportunity For You

​Spaces Are Strictly Limited

​Because of the one-on-one nature of the Inner Circle Team with it’s in person meeting, one on one calls etc I can’t physically work with dozens and dozens of people.

​And that’s why I’m limiting the numbers to enable me to work personally with my Inner Circle Team members and still deliver for my coaching clients.

​With that in mind I’ve set time aside for our initial telephone call and then one on one meeting over the next couple of weeks.

​Once this time has gone. It’s gone.

Reserve Your Place Today

Please Note: You are reserving your place only at this stage.
Your card will NOT be charged.

Today is the day for you to make the decision to invest in your future and have me as your Mentor working with you to help you create your successful online business...

​...a business that can pay £1500 to £9500+ per week and then as your expertise grows.

​And then, if you want to, have me show you how to create a part time side business where people will pay YOU £2000 to £5000 per month, every month for you to help them in their business.

​I’ll even refer, eager to buy, clients to you.

​And I’ll be happy to do so safe in the knowledge you can help them because I’ve trained you whilst we have been working together.

​This is a great opportunity and a win – win situation for you, the clients you help and the people I refer to you.

And you get to choose if you want to do this or not... it’s there if you want to.

Click the ​button below to get started and reserve your place and I look forward to speaking with you very soon!

​Best wishes


​Neil Stafford

P.S. Remember, if you are accepted into the Inner Circle Team I promise to work with you in person, one on one and give you the exact plan, designed for you and your current expertise to get you started quickly, making your first commissions and then go on to make those big commissions at £1500 per week and up to £9500 or more per week.

P.P.S. The Inner Circle Team and the monthly coaching and mentoring from me has big benefits for you.

1) You start making commission quickly and then onto £1500 to £9500+ per week

​2) You will develop a very valuable skill that is in demand by other business owners, how to drive online traffic... and these business owners will happily pay you £2000 to £5000 per month (every month) for your help if you want to do that.

3) We will all benefit together as you make big commissions and develop your expertise; I work with great clients and together over the coming months and years the Inner Circle Team becomes a marketing force to be reckoned with!

​4) You’re in my Inner Circle therefore you get to see what I do, have my help when needed, you gain from the learning I receive from the coaching groups I belong to and the Mentors I have and you get to use my team for help in your business whenever you need it.

​I personally know that there is nothing like the Inner Circle Team available today with the amount of training, support and coaching given with the...

Income opportunity to earn a very healthy six figure a year income and more.

​With the ability to give you valuable skills and expertise that you can turn into another side business if you wanted to.

​And, the Mentoring in place to ensure you hit your own goals and targets.

​I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it over and over but Zig Ziglar said it right...

“You can have everything in life you want
if you help other people get what they want”

​I look forward to working with you as an Inner Circle Team member.

​Click the ​button below to reserve your place and I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Remember, you are applying to join the Inner Circle Team at this point. Your card will NOT be charged.

Contact -
Tel. 01257 472120
KTS Publishing Coppull Business Centre, Mill Lane, Coppull PR7 5BW

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